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ALSO 21st Anniversary Gala


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Roger Capote, Jim WilsonRyan Mohr, Jordan HellerCoral Pleas, Mike SpadaroBill Byers, Pat Cosgrove, Bob Richard, John VogelKyla Weiner, Mark Steinwachs, Jarred WilsonKye Allums, Arica LoveMaria Llovio, Catherine Randazzo, Kye Allums, Arica LoveRichard CarpenterJoshua Seavey, Tracy Toros, Cynthia FallonJohn Dailey, Ron Gossett, Ken ProkopRoger Capote, Lexi Wilson, Jim WilsonSara Alfano, Sean McDonald, Kelly RoseSue Westcott, Carrie HulenAnn Friedman, Sue Wescott, Carrie HulenTony Boothby, Chris BestTesla Gunderson, Brajan KowalskiKye Allums, Ellen FulchieroJanelle Montgomery, Molly Swift, Ellen ZitaniZara Barrie, Eduardo Anaya, Skye SternEduardo Anaya, Roger CapotePeter Aguas, Arica LoveLill Denham, Joseph KnightDayton and Phala AmeyNishit Patel, Michael MartinBack row: Nishit Patel, Mark Steinwachs, Roger Capote, Jim Jablowski, Ron Gossett, Tony Boothby, Jordan Paneulo; seated, Catherine Randazzo, Ann Friedman, Carrie Hulen, Sue Wescott; Sean McDonaldTayna Geary, Ted Earl, Shawn HawkinsThe Rev. Karen WolfsonKimberly BleachKimberly Bleach, Kyla WeinerBart Coyle, David PhillipsTatyana Sharoubim, Eduardo Anaya, Deva O'DonnellJim JablowskiJim JablowskiArica LoveArica LoveVeronica BradyGeorge Augustin, Pam DanielMike Scialdone, Terry McKeeChris Clayton


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