Venice bed and breakfast

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a bed and breakfast in Florida, now’s your chance. The Banyan House in Venice (519 Harbor Drive) is on the market—a six-bedroom, six-bath Spanish mansion from 1926, right near downtown. You can run it as a little inn or turn it back into a private home.


According to the customer reviews on TripAdvisor, the current owners are doing a great job. The place gets consistent raves--except for one disgruntled gentleman who sounds like he would never be happy anywhere.

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The house itself is one of those old Mediterranean Revival homes that add such character to Venice. It’s been nicely updated over the years. Some of the rooms have kitchenettes and balconies. The living room is large, with the original tile floor, high beamed ceilings, and currently decorated in the Victorian style.


There’s also a jacuzzi and a pool—said to the first swimming pool in Venice—and beautiful gardens. And yes, there is a banyan tree, and a pretty impressive one at that.


Running a B&B sounds like fun but it also seems like it’s a lot of work. You have to have breakfast ready every morning at 9 and you have to be pleasant to anybody who shows up with the price of a room in their pocket. (Rates start at $150 in the summer and go up to just under $200 in the season.)

The current owner, Chuck McCormick, is selling the place as real estate, not as a business. The asking price is $798,000. For more information call him at (941) 484-1385.

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