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Dr. Idol Kickoff Party


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Angela Nutter, Michael ChokrHeather Bailey, Dr. Phil RubenLarry Danner, Tricia ConnerStephen FancherMeghan Dettenmayer, Sandi Wall, Erica RellDr. Robert Koser, Molly HunsingerBrendan McQuaid, Bryan Fazio, Peter GenersichPeter and Debra L'Heureux, Dr. Bob Felman and Joan SursoStephanie Pasenelli, Twee MillerAli Chokr, Kelley LavinRusset Coiello, Alexis Clarke, Debbie GoldenLaRue and Ali Chokr, Nancy Blackstone, Pam Daniel, George AugustinDr. Doug Badertscher,Jamie Badertscher, Leigh Gordon, Dr. Michael GordonKathy Hargreaves, Robin Justice, Renee Halbert, Mary BrownMorgan and Steven HarrisAli and LaRue ChokrMichael Chokr, Courtney EdbrookeJustin Leins, Lindsey Landers Niedenfuer -LeinsDebra Clark Maradiaga, Tamara ChapmanLiz Kingsly, Chris Duffey, Chelsea Stickley, Erica Rell, Melissa EarleDr. Jose Biceno, Lorena VogelerJosephine Eisenberg, Christopher EisenbergLauren Moyer, Debby Bartels, Kim LambChelsea Lyman, Reginald Robinson


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