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RIAF Closing Night Party


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Kym Smith, Mary Rolf, Sue TankersleyFrank Tucciarone, Roberta BersonStephanie West, Wenston DeSueEleni Sokos, Ansley BoydBrent Greeno, Gayle GuynupCasey Fraser, Shannon StuartCharles Perret, Felice Schulaner, Dennis Rees, Doug and Ann LoganDan Denton, Viktoryia BiranRob Frimmel, Kimberly TocciClaudia Swan, Greg McDaniel, Ed SwanJoe and Connie Herbert, Sonja KidaSusan and David ShortLisa and Steven High, Judy and Stephen Shank, Georgiana PickettNicolai Khalezin - Art Director of Belarus Free TheatreNicci Kobritz, Sophia RussoLucy Lavely, Lisa Woods, Evan White, Olivia Williamson, Denise CoutourierMichael Duranko, Judy AndersonCaren Lawrence, Sharron Kennedy, Ginger Hildebrand, Lexi Nelson, Petra Johnson, Louise AllenRIAF Closing Night PartyRIAF Closing Night PartyDee WrightGabrielle Ramose, Timothy DanceEliza Ladd, Maryna Yurevich(BFT), Stephen Prutsman, Yana Rusakevich,(BFT) Vladimir Shcherban(BFT)Joe SeekEntertainment by New York MinuteDave Roberts and Lucy HoltzerRIAF Closing Night PartyDayle Hoffman, Susan ShortCandice and Kevin MillerJoshua Hutsell, Kati Thompson


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