1 Not only will the Mission EnduraCool Instant Cooling Towel absorb sweat while dry, you can also use it to reduce body temp and cool down and aid in recovery. Simply soak the high-performance fabric with water, wring it out, then snap the towel in the air to activate the cooling properties to 30 degrees. No kidding., $12.99-$19.99


2 For a bit of style paired with purpose, lunge for the multifunctional activewear by Hard Tail. So chic you’ll look good at the gym and post-workout while on those afternoon errands. L. Boutique, top, $68;
leggings, $98


3 If you’re serious about fitness, then you’ve encountered aching muscles. For post-workout relief try Dr. Hauschka’s Birch Arnica Oil. It’s a trusted homeopathic remedy that activates the skin’s metabolic rate, increases circulation and soothes muscles. Bloom Organics, $28.95


4 Track your fitness 21st-century style with the Jawbone UP. A high-tech unisex wristband that pairs with a smartphone app that will track your sleep, calories and exercise routines, it’ll even help plan your weight loss. And it comes in a variety of colors for fashion-minded health buffs. Best Buy, $129.99


5 Keep your locks in place during that active workout with a chic Emi-Jay headband. The hand-dyed, hand-knotted bands are made of soft, stretchy material, which stay securely put. And they come in a plethora of pretty colors to complement a stylish girl’s fitness gear. Treat Boutique, $5


6 Coconut water is often referred to as the natural sports drink. Did you know it contains more potassium than most energy drinks and has the same amount of electrolytes as human blood, as well as lauric acid to boost metabolism? No wonder that it’s relied on by the most discerning ath-letes. Whole Foods, $1.99


7 Put a little cushion between you and the hard yoga studio floor. Upgrade your paper-thin mat to Lululemon’s The Mat, engineered to provide added support and a little extra grip for your practice. The antimicrobial additive prevents mold and mildew. Lululemon, $68


8 For more than 55 years, those in the juicing world have relied on The Champion, a heavy-duty, single-gear masticating juicer. It’s outstanding at extracting important nutrients from fruits and veggies, leaving only the pulp behind while retaining the good-for-you vitamins and enzymes., $240


9 Meet the padlock of the future. Go state-of-the-art to the gym with Master Lock’s sleek and sturdy dialSpeed. Program up to four codes on an electronic directional interface (a step up from the combination wheel you had in high school), all of which are stored on a 1GB USB drive. And for security, back up your codes to the Master Lock Vault online storage. Lowe’s, $25

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