Chronic Depression

Technology: Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

How it works: Supplies painless electromagnetic bursts that stimulate the brain’s mood center.

Results: 90 percent success rate six months after treatment

Local experts say: “Over the course of the [six-week] treatment, you can see how much better they feel. I have yet to have a patient say, ‘I wish I hadn’t done it.” Dr. Rebecca Cohen of Sarasota’s Comprehensive MedPsych Systems.


Sleep Apnea

Technology: DNA Appliance

How it works: A retainer-like device gradually widens the palate, giving the tongue more room.

Results: Sufficient expansion usually takes less than 12 months

Local experts say: “It may take a little longer if you’re in your 70s, but if you wear these things consistently, you’ll breathe better.” Dr. Jill Morris of Sarasota’s World Class Dentistry


Skin Cancer

Technology: SRT-100 superficial radiotherapy

How it works: Applies targeted radiation only to the affected area of the skin

Results: Recurrence rate similar to Mohs surgery, but without the scar.

Local experts say: “It’s a big deal. You’re not dealing with scars; you’re not dealing with potential for infections. There are always complications when you’re cutting open the skin.” Stacey Grimmer of Westcoast Dermatology


Chronic Wounds

Technology: O-Ace-Sys wound care system

How it works: A transparent chamber surrounds the wound without touching it and allows for constant monitoring and precise environmental adjustments for optimal healing.

Results: Accelerated healing without bandages

Local experts say: “We have the potential to capture 60 percent to 70 percent of the complex wound market.” Dr. Edward Lin, O-Ace-Sys inventor

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