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Susan McLeod, George Augustin, Pam DanielChris VoelkerBambi Kaine, Max Lotofskyy, Penny HillKristi Dorman, Lee Anne Swor, Chris VoelkerJoni Grossman, Rebecca FeinsteinLuis Pena, Wendy and Jerry FeinsteinRon and Susan DeMasi, Jennifer DawesJohn AcevedoStephen Sieg and Mary Ann RobinsonKristi and Fernando CuzaLauren Fineman, Cinde Carroll, Alana and Tanya SchreibmanRamses Seranno, Dan DentonPaul and Paula Woods, Ramses Serrano, Kim and Mitch RuzekTyler and Heidi FezzaJim Helmich, Gloria MossPhil King, Jackie RogersLucille Smith, Dewayne BarrettRamses SerranoEric Jenkins, Bev MarshTaxi dancersLeeAnne Swor and Sid PociusWill McComb and Sarina PaxmanCan Dance 10/13Ivana Varga and Ramses SerranoRamses Serrano and Ivana VargaRamses Serrano and Ivana VargaTammy Breymaier, Betty Clowson, Lindsee StreetLuis Pena, Wendy FeinsteinMarina Gando, John Hunter, John FezzaMarina Gando and John FezzaJohn Fezza and Marina GandoEve Caballero and Dewayne BarrettEve Caballero and Dewayne BarrettWendy Feinstein and Luis Pena, Bob TrisoliniScott George, Michael S. Krempel


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