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What’s it like to plan a celebrity wedding? Sarasota-based wedding planner Nicole Kaney, of NK Productions, can tell you: She was recently contacted by Bunim/Murray, a television production company best known for shows such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Project Runway, and asked to plan a wedding for Natalya Neidhart, one of the stars of Total Divas, a new show on E! that revolves around the “divas” of the WWE industry.

We talked with Nicole to get the details about the day and find out what it was really like planning a celebrity wedding. Here’s what she had to say.

How did it feel to be asked to plan a wedding for Natalya? Had you ever watched the show, Total Divas, before?

The show is brand new, so I didn’t know about it at the time, nor was I really familiar with WWE. I didn’t realize how huge that industry is, and how popular.

I was surprised [about being contacted] because I’m known for being a calm planner. I don’t like drama. So from the beginning, I wanted to make it really clear that if I signed up, I was not going to be involved in any drama.

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Is there anything different about the process of planning a celebrity wedding?

It was just a little more pressure—okay, a lot more pressure—but it was still one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my career.

Nattie and I had the same working relationship that I do with any other bride. There were obviously more security and legal issues because she does have such a huge fan base, but that worked out because we were able to make [the wedding] feel very private and intimate for her.

Something else that was neat was how there were other celebrities from the show in attendance, and some of them had their own camera crews. So we had a lot of elements to deal with. But I loved it! I thought it was so fun to work with everyone and lead the wedding day with my normal vendors, but also have the sound and lighting and film crews there.

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What was Natalya like in person?

Nattie was so nice. She was gracious and very appreciative of everyone. We planned the wedding very quickly, and even though she’s constantly traveling, she was very responsive to our team’s questions. We had to move fast, and she was on board with everything.

The wedding was originally going to take place on the beach, but had to be moved inside because of a storm. Was that a hectic process?

With the Florida weather being like it is, I always have a Plan A and a Plan B. So even though it was last-minute, just a few hours before the wedding took place, we had already discussed Plan B and it ended up working out really well. The wedding ended up being even more exclusive once we moved inside instead of being on the beach where fans could see. It was also a warm day, and since Nattie had her cat with her, the move inside turned out to be a blessing.

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The ceremony aired on an episode of Total Divas. Have you watched it? Did you or any of the vendors make it onto the show?

A lot of the vendors were mentioned. Something Blue Bridal had a mention, as did Botanica International Décor and Design Studio, who did the flowers. Michael’s on East, the venue for the reception, had a mention as well. You can see three of the girls who work for me in the background, so that was fun for them. And I was on quite a few times. You just see me working like I normally would on a wedding day, chasing after the ring bearers. And I did have one speaking role.

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Favorite moment of the wedding?

My favorite moment was when I got to take Nattie into the ballroom so she could see it decorated for the first time.

I was surprised at how smoothly the day went. I wasn’t sure how having the crew there would change things, but it was really flawless and really fun.


Wedding Planning: NK Productions 

Reception Venue/Catering: Michael’s on East

Ceremony Venue: Dr. Gary & Beth Kompthecras and So Staged Productions & Events

Floral Design: Botanica International Design & Decor Studio

Photography: Damon Tucci Photography

DJ: DJ Fresh

Wedding Cake: Pastries By Design

Wedding Dress: Something Blue Bridal Boutique

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