Shashi Socks.

Ever since I began taking Pure Barre classes, I've been on a search for the perfect sock.  It can't be too thick 'cause I'm hot enough already during the workout. Adding what feels like fuzzy warm winter slippers elevates my temp and becomes a total distraction--I can't stay focused. But I have to have those grippy nubs on the sole for extra traction.

I got lucky while scouring the Internet--I stumbled on Shashi Cool Feet Socks. They are just the right thin-ness, with traction, and they are completely chic. Of course, they were created by a woman who spent nearly two decades doing Pilates and who knew we need a good sock for a workout. As with all clever inventions, Natalie Lerch Sudit used her experience to develop a sock that performs in a studio environment while still maintaining an element of style.

How did the concept of Shashi socks come about?

This idea came from my passion for barre and Pilates classes!

Between being a bit of a germaphobe and feeling very warm during classes, I couldn’t find socks that I really loved.   I was not impressed by what was on the market in terms of both function and style. I thought, why not create my own?

What makes these socks different from others?

Shashi’s patented design is what provides several unique features. Shaped to fit the contours of each of your feet, you won’t find any bulky extra fabric by the baby toe that just gets in the way. Our mesh provides a comfortable coolness as well as flair for the wearer. But the instructor also has the advantage that the foot is visible and not hidden within a sock. Plus, Shashi grips are larger and more numerous to provide added stability and traction.

Shashi Socks.

In addition to these practical advantages, they look great and are fun to wear!

What about the sports benefits?

We love that our customers are constantly letting us know about new uses they find for their Shashi socks.  They're great for just about any sport where you want the protection of a sock without the slipperiness and heat of a traditional sock.

We have been surprised at the non-sports related uses, too.  People wear them around the house.  They are perfect for the elderly or those who are in rehabilitation.  I even wear them to go out!

These socks have a serious following yet they are relatively low profile – how do you explain that?

One of the reasons is that we concentrate on product development and customer service. Our customers love our products and tell their friends.  We are absolutely delighted to have so many loyal “ambassadors!”

Shashi Founder Natalie Lerch Sudit

Shashi Founder Natalie Lerch Sudit

Spotted any celebrities in Shashi?

Many celebrities credit Pilates and the barre movement for their unbelievable physiques. Shashi Cool Feet socks have graced the feet of several celebrities. While we would be thrilled to tell, privacy is something we greatly respect.

Do you have a favorite pair?

I have fallen in love with our new Shashi Star line. I adore pretty much anything that sparkles--in the studio environment and out.

What’s next from Shashi?

Obviously, I can’t give away our secrets.   However, with the success of our Star line, keep your eyes open for new styles and colors.  We may even be considering some special limited editions!

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