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Debutante Ball


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Max Klauber, Mary YorkMary York, Josh Simon, Taylor KarpDrew Fineberg, Taylor Karp, Andrew DiLacquaKate FlandersShawna Sims, Nick EdwardsShawn Sims, Nick EdwardsTaylor Karp, Andrew DiLacqua, Claire Cornetet, Drew FinebergCarlton Robinson, Mary YorkChloe Hays, Logan CarstensTaylor Karp, Mary York, Claire Cornetet, Carlton RobinsonVincent Franco, Alison Greenfield, Alexander Roman, Jeff Antonino, Chloe Hayes, Logan CarstensHunter Carpenter, Hayden RichauLex Sayre, Carlton RobinsonAna and Walter ToukachKelly PacificoTaylor Karp, Claire CornetetKelly Pacifico, Carlton Robinson, Mary York, Jackie LandryLauren JefferyJennifer McGinnessJennifer McGinness, Emily SchofieldLogan Reiber, Savannah McGee, Travis BelsitoShelby Schwartz, Lauren Jeffrey, Rachale Cramer, Hunter Carpenter, Hayden Richau, Jennifer McGinnessAndrew Bittles, Thomas Kelly, Connor Rattigan, JJ Byrnes, Zack Kanter, Shelby Schwartz, Isabelle BermudezJacob Amontree, Stafford Shaddy, Andrew BrownJeff Antonino, Logan Carstens, Vincent Franco, Alexander RomanTyler Garris, Eric Kreger, Lex SayreRossalyn Delfino, Allison Schnathmann, Anthea Rokop, Emory ConettaDrew Fineberg, David Grain, Andrew DiLacquaGuests arriving at the Municipal Auditorium for The Debutante Ball 2013Michael, Teri and Mikayla KlauberKatie Molinara, Cami Berlin, Merrin OverbeckDebutante Ball 2013Bill and Debbie Partridge, Robin and Mark SerbinDebutante Ball 2013Wesanna Carlton, Mary MarryottBrian Sayre, Lisa CarltonRob Robinson, Tom Kramer, Joanmarie King, Al Jeffrey, Lee McGinnessMichael Bobrinski, Juliann Welch from The Sarasota OrchestraNick and Danielle GladdingDebutante Ball 2013Savell and Mabry Robinson, Katie BonnerDeborah and Michael CarterMarianne Sigal, Susan KarpLauren Maxey, Jordan Brown


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