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Perlman Gala Concert


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Jamie Ruetz, Celia SperottoYusuke and Oya HorigichiBarbara StatonJudy and Bob Vioder, Carole and Sy KligriskyCaroline Whitten and Shannon RossHarold Ronson, Molly SchechterEva, Lara, Shaife, Isaac and Matthew Edie and David Chaifetz, Ariel Ben-ChitritColin Turnbull, Este LennoxAlan HoustonDan and Linda Ploger, Jan and Bill Guraf, Karen KoblenzSherry Gregory, Kitty LevenBeth Stewart, Sandy Rath, Sue HokampDick and Cornelia MatsonBernard and Marion Levine, Janet Tobin, Alan BandlerJeanette Hyde, Bob and Dottie GarnerBetty SchoenbaumDennis and Joanna TrescottChris KelloggeVicki and Chris KelloggeRod Williams, Sonia NicholasRosa and Jean KabongoEd and Jean BoehValerie Leatherwood, Harry LeopoldGeorge and Merle ChorbaDiana Houston, Linda Ross and Kappy Horowitz (Chairs of The Event)Perlman Celebration Concert GalaPerlman CelebrationDenise and Del CottonPeter, Shannon and Linda Ross, Caroline WhittenJerry and Kathy JordanMichael and Roxie JerdePerlman Music Program studentsHarry Josephson, Lee Quagmire, Sebastian Jackson, Chase Park, Leland Kim (Students)Toby and Itzhak Perlman


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