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Glitz at the Ritz Luncheon


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Major Sue Frizzell, Major Ethan Frizzell, Major Debbie BowersMichelle Crabtree (Co-Chair), Dr. Dick Rehmeyer, Wendy Ross (Co-Chair)Vanessa SilvanaAnthony Newfeld, Kitty DevineKathleen Veci, Cindy MigoneAnn Logan, Allison Archbold, Cathy LaytonKarin Gustafson, Art WoodDebbie Higel, Maggie Egloff, Dina DeLorenzo, Chris HobbsLarry Davenport, Michelle CrabtreeRosemary Eure, Natasha Hines, Amy DickinsonMandy and Paul YoderRay Watson, Tom Waters, Marie MonskyMajor Ethan Frizzell, Betty Schoenbaum, Major Sue Frizzell, Marilyn BeznerDennis Stover, Veronica Brady, Keith MondaGene Rose, Kristina SkeptonMarcia Dolen, Linda Hozn, Linda GiffordSandi Wagner, Jay W. BermanDavid and Lee Peterson, Angel HissomDebra Alward, Virginia Harshman, Edit Szegedi, Petra Gurin, Krisztina GogolyakGreg TrippelLee and Jack WhiteDebbie MarrCarolyn Johnson, Janice ZarroAmy Souza, Carla Reifsnyder, Susan Parr, Janet Bryant


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