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Katelyn Studer; Nicole Cooper makes up 'The Butterfly Queen'Lela Thompson (designer), Nicole Kassicieh - Blinded by the LightLaurel Casey with Marcia Ente (designer of the 'Scream')Victoria Ellis, Stephanie Peters, Wilks Mammone, Emma Thurgood (Designer)Andrea Silvergleit (designer), Julia Kalinina 'Regular Fashion for Regular People'Mallory Gnaegy and Lorenzo Hubbard - Emcees for the Iconcept Runway EventBarbara Banks, Renee Phinney, Rebecca Blitz, Iris Starr, David Berger, Kurt LukasLisa Berger(Co-Chair), Terry McKee, Michael ScialdoneJim Neal, Mary Ann Robinson, Ron CarterMarie Curran, Jack Woodruff, Carol Hartley-PinterMartin MooreRochelle Nigri, Keith Kleppinger, Dennis StoverJoanne MilnorJudy Levine, Sue HerringJesse White, Jacqueline WilliamsPaul and Sharon WhiteGale Fulton Ross, Christine JenningsDebbie and Tom ShapiroRay Peper - Co-Chair, wearing a hat of his own designPatricia Gormley - That's a WrapAll Aboard - Design by Barbara Anderson'It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Super Sam' worn by Samantha Chaney; designer Stephanie PetersNicole Kassicieh wears Venetian blinds designed by Lela ThompsonGay Parisienne designed by Barbara Anderson, modeled by Barbara AndersonViva!' Designer Anita Wexler; modeled by Jesse and Dylon WexlerDesigners Pam Peters and Christina Chaney create 'Waterfall' modeled by Samantha ChaneyDesigner Lisa Berger creates Chic'n of the SeaSouthern Exposure, designer Emma Thurgood, Modeled by Victoria EllisThe Ta Ta Doll created by Cathy Comora, modeled by Deva O'Donnell'No More Wire Hangers' created by Sharon WhiteColleen White models and creates The Morrigan - Celtic Mythological Raven Goddess - with David White'Reimagining Georgia O'Keeffe' created by Annie Mayme Alfstad and Monica Bello and modeled by Mandy MillerJim Stewart created 'Calendar Girl'Between the Folds the Paper Flowers Grew' created by Elizabeth Hillman Goodwill and Ali Lambert (model)Laurel Casey models 'Life is but a Scream' created by Marcia EnteHouse of Cards modeled by Gwen Cook, created by Ray PeperZara Barrie models Eric Cross's creation 'Bohemian Chic'Julia Kalinina models 'Regular Fashion for Regular People' created by Andrea SilvergleitLeslie Gnaegy models Eric Cross's 'What's Black and White with a Big Red O and Alex Mahadevan models Ray Peper's 'Observer Business Suit'


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