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Darrell's Restaurant's Down the Keys Mac and Cheese

Great mac and cheese should be ooey and gooey, a high-calorie hit of cheesy delight. Darrell's Restaurant in Venice delivers all that—then ups the ante by adding grilled shrimp and crawfish tails, with just enough heat to balance the saltiness of the cheeses. Be really bad and have an order of pit-smoked pig wings, too.

Darrell's Restaurant, Brick Yard Plaza, 530 U.S. 41 Bypass, Venice, (941) 485-9900.

Dynasty Guacamole Sarasota Farmer's Market

Fresh & Local

It's easier to make your own guacamole than to find prepared versions worth eating. But now you can find the real thing made fresh with limes and ripe avocados in a giant bowl at Dynasty Guacamole at the downtown farmer's market on Saturday. Pick up some fresh shrimp at Maggie's Seafood stand and your grilled shrimp tacos will be a poolside hit.

Taste of Asia Sarasota


Cauliflower is being touted as the new kale. Expect to see it mashed, grilled, gussied up in salads and even used to make gluten-free pizza crust. At a Taste of Asia, it makes a tasty substitute for rice.

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