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Blue Ties and Butterflies


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Cooper Dotson, Max Gaston, Ben Strom (Members of the Southside Elementary School Jazz Band)Graci McGillicuddy, Alisa Pettingell (Chair)Jamie Becker, Aimee Cogan, Jen FoxDavid Rovine, Wendy ResnickCooper DotsonFlora Major, Barb Cervasio, Mickey FineAllison Cochran, Margaret Barnes, Cindy MonchecourtMatt and Andrea McHugh, Amanda and Ryan GambertPam Hughes, Michael EversSheila MillerJill and Scott LevineEd and Kim BrodskySandy Moser, Eric SniderNicola Perrin, Bev Murray, Chris Abitz, Trish Vulopas, Kate KirbyLarry Wild, Penny HillMegan and Matt Otto, Lauren FinemanMatt and Adria JensenDavid and Donna KoffmanKaren Case and Bob SchlytterCharlie and Theresa BartlettJag and Amy GrewalDennis and Graci McGillicuddy, Priscilla and Connie MackDiane and Kirk Weisman, Paula WeismanLinda and Keith MondaKitty Cranor, Rosemarie McKee, Melissa Kelley, Melinda LloydKarin Leereveld, Katie Moulton, Bart LeereveldAlan and Saralyn Dorrill


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