One of my most cherished memories as a mother was reading the book “Blueberries for Sal” to my young son. This is an endearing 1948 classic written by Robert McCloskey and still popular today. The charming story takes place in simpler times and is about a mother who takes her child for a day of blueberry picking in the Maine countryside. Meanwhile, on the other side of the hill, a mother bear and her cub are doing the same. I’ll leave the rest for you to read.

I yearned for that simple and delightful experience with my child, but thought to myself that I would need to travel to Maine or another blueberry state to do this.

But nowadays, I don’t have to leave Florida to enjoy this treat.

Florida is a blueberry state.


Sure, Florida has always been known for fresh, delicious citrus, fat tomatoes and even its juicy red strawberries, but now blueberries are entering the arena. While blueberries have grown wild in Florida for hundreds of years it is only in the last several decades that farmers began commercially cultivating the crop.  And recently, with increased interest in healthy eating, blueberry production in Florida has climbed significantly.

Florida farmers have found a niche in bringing early season blueberries to market before farmers in Maine, Michigan and Oregon even begin cultivating their crops. It’s our fine Florida weather that allows our farmers to cash in on an early spring crop for all who love the fresh, delectable berries.


So, now is the perfect time to grab your buckets and pick those precious berries. But don’t wait too long, because the season is here and gone in no time. Generally the “picking window” lasts from now through the end of May (depending on where you are).  The season just may last a little longer, as the weather has been cooler this year.


Visiting a Farm & Picking Your Own

To find out where you can pick blueberries (or other Florida produce), an on-line website called “Pick Your Own” lists U-Pick farms throughout Florida. By selecting the Florida region and then choosing the county, you’ll find farms nearby.

One thing to remember is to call before you plan your trip, as these are usually small mom-n-pop farms, and generally have specific days and hours they are open. Often, they have “picking” updates with hours on their voice mail.

U-Pick farms usually supply a bucket to make it easier to pick and store. Here are a few more tips to make your experience more fun:

·      Dress comfortably and wear sunscreen

·      Bring a hat

·      Bring a cooler to keep the berries cool after picking

·      Select firm, ripe berries

·      Bring cash

Get out there soon and enjoy a rising star among Florida’s famous fresh fruits!

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