cell2Seems no matter where you look online the reviews for the Cellcosmet skincare line, you'll find raves. Many say it works wonders, others claim their fine lines, puffiness and dark circles are significantly reduced, or gone all together. And, they say they look rested...now there's something that got my attention.

So it was worth digging a little deeper.  I caught up with founder/owner Roland C. Pfister for us to learn more about what's behind this super-charged brand of skincare products....

And, if you find you want more info or an appointment with a specialist, you can find the product locally at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Since 1982 your company has specialized in cellular and phyto cosmeceuticals, which sound completely healthy and scientific. Please share some insight into what this means for our skin care?
For the formulation of our Cellcosmet and Cellmen cellular cosmetic lines, our laboratory uses the CellControl method (a world exclusive) that enables cells to be kept in their active state due to a stabilizing procedure. This gives one access to active stabilised bio-integral cells that not only maintain their biological integrality but also their extraordinary vital energy. On the international cosmeceutical market, the Cellcosmet and Cellmen cellular skin care lines are unique in containing this type of cellular material. For our skin, these active stabilised bio-integral cells boost the quality of cellular renewal and act as real natural stimulants of cutaneous function. And depending on the desired properties, Cellap Laboratoire also combines floral extracts, vegetable oils, marine components and 100 percent pure and natural essential oils in the formulation of its Cellcosmet and Cellmen products.

Therefore, when applied on a daily basis, the Cellcosmet and Cellmen cosmeceutical treatments both combat the effects of premature aging and maintain the characteristics of younger-looking skin: tone, firmness and radiance.

Iʼve read that Cellcosmet and Cellmen skin care lines create an envelope for the body, please tell us more about this…

It is true that as well as having a deeply revitalizing effect on the skin, our products have additional rebalancing and well-being properties. They create a second-skin effect that offers extraordinary comfort and protection. For example, the Cellcosmet Hand Cream guarantees total protection of the skin throughout the day with a sensation of softness. Our re-plumping and lifting CellEctive CellLift Serum offers exceptional hydration to the epidermis and forms an outer barrier on its surface that prevents moisture loss and ensures ongoing protection throughout the day.

Men are not known for taking the best care of their skin, what would you say to that guy whoʼs not on a daily regimen?

Men look for targeted, high-tech products that are easy to use, so the entire Cellmen range has been formulated with this in mind: choice of textures, selection of active ingredients, effects and desired outcomes.

To respond to the growing demands of men, Cellap Laboratoire is offering a Cellmen range that includes 15 different products, making it one of the most complete and comprehensive skin care ranges for men on today’s market. Moreover, our Cellmen cellular revitalizing products are the only ones on the market to respect the hormonal identity of male skin. This results in an optimal anti-aging effect. Nowadays, we are increasingly aware of what it means to have healthy skin. Men realise that not only is it important for skin to look good, it must also be healthy. Cellap Laboratoire is offering
its clients products that only contain natural active ingredients with no artificial or synthetic additives. By this we diminish the risk of allergy or skin sensitivity.


What mistakes do you see men and women making when it comes to skincare?
The biggest mistake men and women make when it comes to skincare is not responding to their skin’s needs. Over the course of a month, year or a whole life-time, our skin evolves and has different requirements. It will not need the same support in an air-conditioned office when you are thirty as on a boat in the sun when you are sixty. To meet the skin’s needs, you have to select and use your products carefully and learn how to combine them.

In my opinion, the must-dos for healthy skin are: avoid cosmetic trends and be true to the brand or product that suits you, as long as it responds
to your needs; remember to take care of your neck; always cleanse your face before going to bed as nighttime is key for cellular regeneration; and be reasonable when exposing your skin to the sun

What would readers be surprised to know about your products?
Cellap Laboratoire is constantly looking for the best scientifically selected and skilfully balanced active ingredients to maximum their benefits and effects on the skin. We apply the latest findings in cosmetic science to our skin care products.
Our Cellcosmet and Cellmen skin care lines come with the guarantee of  no artificial coloring; no alcohol; organic, virgin and first cold-pressed plant oils; non-synthetic essential oils–100% pure and natural. Our products are 100% made in Switzerland and the entire range of products is formulated,manufactured and packaged in our laboratories. We are a member of SwissCos, The Association for the Protection of the Origin of Swiss Cosmetics. And we are ISO 9001-2008 certified, a product guarantee in line with customer needs.

Whatʼs next for Cellcosmet and Cellmen?
Our company has always set itself apart by its visionary spirit and sense of innovation. Our research and development laboratory works on a daily basis on elaborating new formulas and is fully focused on the creation of cellular and phyto products. What exactly these are is information that, for now, must remain behind closed doors, but you can be sure that we are constantly hard at work on exciting, new advances.

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