2013_Bourbon_and_Boweties_0052Made by the proud Southern hands of founder and designer Carley Ochs, Bourbon & Boweties bracelets are the hot new thing I’m hearing everyone talking about and sporting as serious stackable arm parties all over Sarasota. And I'm suspecting all over the country, as well, since her collections are in hundreds of stores all over the U.S.--and in just less than two years!

Meet the woman behind the hot new trend in jewelry on June 3 at Ca'd'Zan at The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota, from 4-7p.m.

But first, let's get to know the dynamic business woman herself. Here's a fun Q&A with Carley.

GmCP8NGzkPLBSedaKtwgcRs8M56Yk4yDCCZLOXcmaArGQRZHZmNXyn37k8zGtO5tjWhat’s always with you while you design?
I live simple life, and I am my most creative when I am happy. A good glass of wine, my five-pound dog Moose, great music playing--the combination of those three things brings me great happiness.

What aspect of designing do you love the most?
Knowing there are no boundaries. The great thing about designing is the part no one sees; there is no judgment. It is as wild, creative and colorful as I like. Editing is where the magic lives, taking my conceptual pieces and translating them into something wearable.

gqrjfnAMZz8K3ZQLYCRxQd3tPFd7ngsLXa5wpTrCexw2tOkQSy7w8NR94D9Kzk6x3The Bourbon & Boweties collection is an arc of amazing colors and gems – what stones are you obsessed with right now?
Oh, that is really not fair! I live in a world of color. I put hundreds of color combinations together daily, and I always find a new combination of stones or colors that complement each other in some new way. When you work with semi-precious stones there are always natural variations that occur in each one; no two are alike. But if I had to pick, I would say fire agates--they have the most personality to me.

What influences your choice of one gemstone over another?
Cut, color, and quality--it truly is like shopping for diamonds every time!

What advice would you give to the girl who’s intimidated by stacking bracelets?
Start with a neutral color palate: pearls, whites or iridescent smoky quartz. I think someone who is intimidated won't be for long; she'll soon find herself with two or three bracelets on.

ww89ymx9r9RMLhSB2Q167nxbBHpnraQKWGjDDstOa94wD2hqEykxmMwR5r7wkwbyhWhat would you like to conquer next?
The wild, wild west. We have had such an amazing year-and-a-half with unimaginable success and [our products in] more than 1,200 retail stores in 47 states. However, we are heavily saturated from the Mississippi River to the Eastern seaboard. I am concentrating our efforts on bringing a little handmade Southern goodness west of the Mississippi.

And for fun….

What are you clicking right now?
Bourbon & Boweties Facebook and Instagram pages; I still do all of our social media. Ohm and FSU’s upcoming 2015 football schedule

Top three Instagram or Pinterest follows?



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