pb3If you've been following this blog, it's likely you know that one of my stops for chic workout gear is the Pure Barre Sarasota studio. Shopping there turned into me finally committing to taking a class, which turned into a blog about the entire experience (read more about that here), which has ultimately evolved into me passing a milestone of 100 classes early this year (see photo below!).


And if you haven't heard, Pure Barre Sarasota recently changed hands, and today I'm introducing you to the two new owners, Lindsay Lancaster and Jodi Hanan Bearman. Between them, Lindsay and Jodi own a total of four studios--and it's nice that they can return to their roots with Pure Barre Sarasota: Jodi grew up in Sarasota and Lindsay was born and raised in Bradenton.

Lindsay Lancaster, left,and Jodi Hanan Bearman, right.

Tell us about your fitness backgrounds.

LL: I’ve always been active. Growing up, if I wasn’t cheering, I was creating dance routines or swimming or biking around Anna Maria Island. Prior to opening Pure Barre, I taught yoga, and I am obsessed with my long paddleboard sessions.

JB: Growing up, I loved participating in sports and working out. After I had my first child I taught aerobics. By my fourth child, I'd started running because I could fit it in anytime and anywhere. I later added weight training and boxing to the running regimen until I found Pure Barre. By 2011, I was certified to teach Pure Barre, and I never looked back.

What drew you to Pure Barre?

LL: I opened one of the first Pure Barre franchises in Birmingham, Ala.,with my best friend almost five years ago. I not only saw the physical transformation from the technique; I also felt a huge change in my mind and spirit.

JB: My best friend and running partner told me that Pure Barre was opening in Birmingham in January 2010. I had no idea what it was, but we decided to try it out. We liked our first class but didn’t really get it. It took several weeks for me to start to make the connection--and then the magic happened.


What would you say to those considering a class, especially those unfamiliar with Pure Barre?

LL: We prefer new clients to dive directly into class. Every class is structured the same way, and it's 55 minutes in length. The classes are musically driven and each one is unique in the sense that you will never take the same class twice. The best part of the workout is the isometric movements that keep you burning calories all day long.

JB:  Anyone can do it--everyone works at his or her own level. The beauty of Pure Barre is that you never plateau, so as a beginner or a veteran, you should be able to fatigue your muscles and continue to chisel your body. After class your metabolism is elevated, and you will start to physically feel the muscles you're shaping within 24 hours of your first class. Come with an open mind and be patient with yourself--it usually takes a few classes before you really start to fall in love.

What can dedicated Pure Barre-ists expect with the new ownership?

LL: We look forward revitalizing the Pure Barre community in Sarasota. We are working hard to build on the already solid foundation, and we hope to inspire our clients to take it to the next level.

I'm a big fan of the workout gear boutique– fingers crossed that’s still in the plan….

JB: We both have large fitness boutiques at our Alabama studios, and we have plans to expand this one, too. We love the dual concept behind all of the brands we sell: fitness meets fashion.

Now that you’ve both been with Pure Barre for years, what do you love most?

LL: I've been taking classes for more than seven years now and I can attest to the quality of the technique--I am still a student. Nothing has ever tightened my body like Pure Barre. It has been incredible to see the technique strengthen and evolve each year.

JB: If you want to change your body, Pure Barre is one of the most efficient ways to do it. But it has brought so much more to my life than that. At 51 years old, I get to wear workout clothes and surround myself with incredible people all day. The fact that you never plateau with Pure Barre and that it continues to be challenging is something I love, but the overall impact it has had on my life is so much bigger than that.


And finally, anything in the works that we can look forward to?

LL: We have big plans for our grand re-opening party, which we're thinking will be the last weekend in September The beauty of Pure Barre is that it is more than a phenomenal workout--it's a culture, and we want to spread the word throughout Sarasota.

If you're new to Pure Barre, here's a quick video:


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