AW14_Campaign_2In 2003, the irreverently cool brand Moods of Norway was born in Stryn, Norway. There, three locals--Simen Staalnacke, Peder Børresen and Stefan Dahlkvist--culled their design talent to “make happy clothes for happy people around the world.” Still headquartered in Stryn, this polished brand is now making its way into the closets of the coolest men and women who live the don't-wait-up-for-us-life.


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I caught up with Stefan Dahlkvist for a quick Q&A.

How did the name Moods of Norway come about?

We wanted to create a lifestyle brand that combined the exotic culture of Norway mixed with international trends--different clothes for different moods, all with a twist of the Norwegian heritage. And all men's jackets come with an embroidered patch inside that says “Made with love by really, really pretty blonde girls.”

Can you elaborate on your point of view?

It has its foundation in tailored menswear, but we are far from traditional. With added details, integrated stories and progressive color combinations, we can add flare to anyone's wardrobe.

How does Norway play into the design process? What other cities influence your design aesthetic?

Each season we pick a theme that relates to Norwegian culture. Then we add some international fashion [trends] to the mix and we get a unique, distinguished product.

What four words would you use to communicate the vibe of who the Moods client is?

Fun-loving, inclusive, genuine, social.



What direction are you going in creatively--any hints about the future?

We are extremely excited about our improved “cocktail sports” line, as well as our upcoming women's line.

I can’t imagine the challenge of breaking into the fashion world -- what’s it like elevating the profile of a label in the fashion industry?

The key is to be clear about who you are as a brand, and then go and have fun with it and spread the joy as much as you can

What mistakes do you see guys make when it comes to style?

It all depends on the person and the context. The best way to see if your styling has succeeded is to check if the way you dressed lifted your mood.

What advice would you give a guy who wants to up his style ante but doesn’t know how to go about doing it?

Go visit is a sea of great options that will absolutely up any man's style ante.

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