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Location: Sarasota Polo Club

Occupations: Jennifer is a registered nurse at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. K.C. is the assistant golf professional at Serenoa Golf Course.

Photography: Naomi Chokr Photography

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How did you and your husband meet?

My husband and I met at Rollins College our freshman year. We lived in the same dorm and met through a mutual friend. We were best friends and attached at the hip, until we eventually ended up dating, and here we are now!

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Where and how did the engagement happen?

My husband and I were living in Orlando at the time. One day, I came home from working the night shift at the hospital. I had to pack and get ready because we were coming back to Sarasota for the weekend to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday. My husband was dressed and ready when I got home, so I was trying to hurry so we could leave for a nice, relaxing weekend. When I was ready he told me he had a “dentist appointment” for a cleaning. I told him to change it, but he said he needed to get it done and it wouldn’t take more than 45 minutes. He insisted that I go, which I did not understand. We drove toward Rollins and took an unexpected turn when he led me to the Boat Tour of Winter Park. I was confused but still got on the boat with him.

When the boat tour got to Rollins, the boat driver stopped in front of the college and we had the most beautiful view of the church and the steeple. My husband got down on one knee and popped the question. We will never forget that memorable boat ride!

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How did you choose the Sarasota Polo Club as your wedding venue?

We chose the polo club because of its simplicity. My husband and I wanted something that did not feel fake or staged—we wanted it to be simple, yet elegant. We didn’t want anything too fancy and just wanted to have a good time with a few friends and close family. Once we decided all of this we looked all over Sarasota, but the Polo Club seemed to be the perfect fit. We knew we would be able to jazz it up with flare that showed our personalities.

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What was your planning process for the wedding?

 Once we figured out the venue, it was all up to my mom. She pulled through like no other mother could. She took on the role of event planner, coordinator, professional-meltdown-tamer, and mother of the bridezilla. She did an amazing job and I will forever be grateful for her ability to create the vision that my husband and I wanted for our big day.

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What kind of theme were you trying to achieve with the wedding?

The theme we were looking for was a rustic/country style theme. I am very much a Southern girl at heart. I love my cowboy boots and jeans with some good old-fashioned country music blaring in the background. We both love the outdoors, fishing, hiking, boating, and, of course, our cowboy boots. I think we did a great job achieving this without actually having it in an old barn setting. All the decorations and details that were put into the wedding made it simple yet rustic.

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What was your favorite or most memorable moment of the wedding?

Walking down the aisle with my dad after getting off the beautiful horse-drawn wagon and looking at my husband’s face. I know this is probably every girl’s “most memorable moment,” but the expression on my husband’s face when he saw me was the most sincere, genuine, loving glance he has ever given me, and it made me realize truly how much I love him. It made me remember exactly why we were getting married, our love for one another, our friendship, and the passion that we still have after seven years.

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