Alison and Ryan Thomas wed in a beautiful vintage ceremony and reception at The Ringling’s Ca d’Zan Mansion in Sarasota.


Location: Ca d’Zan Mansion

Occupations: Alison is a social worker; Ryan is an engineer.

Wedding Planning: Sarah Tucker Events

Photography: Katie Lopez Photography




How did you and Ryan meet?

We met through mutual friends in college at the University of South Florida in Tampa.



Where and how did the engagement happen?

He proposed in Marathon Key. My best friend is a dolphin trainer there, and they paint T-shirts where she works. Ryan had her pre-paint a T-shirt that said “Will you marry me?” And of course I said yes.

Alison & Dad

Family Tree

Kids Aisle

What was your favorite or most memorable moment of the wedding?

Walking down the aisle. Some people say that it’s the most nerve-wracking part of getting married, but for me it was calm. I don’t remember anybody else being there; it was so quiet. My dad was telling me jokes as he walked me down the aisle.

There was also a moment during the reception when Ryan and I looked around and realized that there’s never really going to be another moment in our lives when all of the people that love and care about us are in the same room together. That’s a moment that I know both of us will remember forever.



Table Flowers


What kind of theme were you going for with the wedding?

I wanted something really romantic that would reflect the grandeur of the venue. We wanted a very romantic, grand, vintage feel, and I’m happy to say that I think we achieved it.


Table Setting


What made the Ringling a special venue for you and Ryan?

Ryan used to go there as a little kid all the time. I thought it was funny that his mom told us the day of the wedding that she remembered him as a little kid, sitting on the steps at The Ringling, and she never expected to be back there one day, watching him get married.

Ryan & Mom

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