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Sarasota Magazine Platinum Party


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Christine Sadler, Steven High, Cindy Christo-Brown, Sally Schule, Keith MagnusonPam and Dave Charron, Peg PlutoLaRue Merrill, David and Joyce HannahJudy Johnson, Rod MillingtonLuke Cook, Teresa Morey, Martin BednarCarrie and Jesse MurseGreg Twarowski, Pam Anast, Roland Moser, Tatiana TwarowskiCarol Tisch, Marcus Anast, Susan, Monika and Moritz InderbinenKaren and Michael Koblenz, Kelley LavinTom Stanley, Susan SigmanEva Nelson, John Moore, Kelley LavinJohn Moore, Steven HighStephanie Schurr, Eva Nelson, Diane WambierStephanie Schurr, Eva NelsonLaRue and Ali ChokrSteven HighSteven HighSteven HighJohn MooreJohn MooreJoan Morgan, Elle CookStephanie and David GlosserShauna Boichot, Tetra DiNapoli, Kat QuastJohn Murse, Sandy MooreEileen and John HampshireDan Starostecki, Cat Pennenga, Heather Dunhill, Priscilla HenriquesWilliam Carlson, Erin Harrington, Beth and Alex Kompothecras, Nick SigelakisWendy Getchell, Harmony BensChristine SadlerSteven High, Cheryl BurkeTom StanleySteven HighJohn MooreJohn MoorePam Fendt, Christina Fraser


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