Bradenton real estate

Here’s a house I’ve fallen in love with. I can’t figure out exactly why, as it has a lot of problems attached. It’s in a rough neighborhood, near the Salvation Army in Bradenton. It’s incredibly old, dating back to 1924, and as I’ve learned the hard way, old houses can be problems. It’s been remodeled but not quite to the standard I would like. And it’s no bargain.

I don’t care.

Bradenton real estate




When I first saw it from the street, I thought—nice. It has an old farmhouse look, and a brilliantly chosen color scheme. The way the yellow and white are framed by the tropical green vegetation is timeless Florida. I peeked in the windows from the picture perfect front porch and saw that the first floor had been configured in to one big room, turning it into a little loft-like space. Again, nice.

Bradenton real estate

Bradenton real estate

Back yard

Then I snuck through the fence and into the backyard and was blown away. First of all, it is enormous and completely private and ringed with giant oaks. Right in the middle is a bamboo forest, five or six stories high. The stalks are enormously thick and rub against each other when the wind blows, creating creaking sounds. I could immediately picture myself lying awake at night in this house, with the windows open (it’s a very “windows open” sort of house) listening to that sound lullying me to sleep.

Bradenton real estate

Upstairs hallway

Bradenton real estate


I couldn’t peek into the upstairs windows but the pictures look nice. There’s three bedrooms and a bath up there. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a claw foot tub. (There’s another bathroom downstairs.)

Now, about the neighborhood. There’s a constant struggle here between the picturesque and the gritty. There’s a lot of rental property and some of it is quite shabby. But it seems to slowly improving. This home is priced toward the top of the scale--$147,000. The place next door just sold for $47,500 but it was smaller, hadn’t been remodeled—and it certainly didn’t have anything like that back yard.

I’m having trouble verifying exactly who is selling this house. If you’re interested, just search the address online: 1515 10th Ave West, Bradenton FL.

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