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By Pam Daniel  |  

We get a sneak preview of whats in store for Westfield-owned Southgate and Sarasota Square Malls.

By Heather Dunhill  |  

Robert Stock, co-founder of the menswear line Robert Graham, will appear at Sarasota's The Met for a shirt signing on January 9.

By Carol Tisch  |  

Natural bliss with Sharon Carpenter of Sarasota's new L'Occitane store.

By Heather Dunhill  |  

Heather Dunhill rounds up a selection of stylish gifts for hosts and hostesses from downtown Sarasota's Main Street shops--just in time for the holidays.

By Megan McDonald  |  

A boomer's guide to the new mall.

By Hannah Wallace  |  

When the sun starts to set, the action heats up at four fun weekend hotspots.

By Heather Dunhill  |  

Get to know handbag designer Monica Botkier in this fun interview with fashion editor Heather Dunhill.

By Carol Tisch  |  

Brilliant flowers and fanciful creatures inhabit jewelry’s new Eden.

By Heather Dunhill  |  

Designer Rebecca Taylor will appear in Sarasota at this month's Wine, Women and Shoes. Get to know her in this fun Q&A.

By Heather Dunhill  |  

Lissa Murphy, formerly of Jane Boutique, shares her tried-and-true tips for closet organization.
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