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Fall Food Favorites

Falling for fall with apple cider and mulling spices. Somehow, autumn in Sarasota just does not conjure up thoughts of steaming bowls of New England clam chowder, hot mulled cider and braised short ribs. (Actually, our fall weather more often lends itself to gazpacho with fresh mint crème and Key lime pie.) Yet with all […]


Hot Dog! Doggin’ It Finds a Home on Fruitville Road

Forget the fact that Hot Dog Emporium is housed in the building that was formerly home to two failed Quiznos and, for a moment, something called Crazy Cravings. Those were all past location failures. This is a new day for 4904 Fruitville Road–or should I say new dog. The proud owners now have the market […]


New Eating Options and Fun Finds

In my never-ending tour to find the ultimate apple pie (still lives in Sonoma, Calif.), the best thin-crust pizza (still leaves in East Boston) and the best dim sum (Toronto, Canada), I have certainly conquered many a favorite in our own hometown of Sarasota–everywhere from restaurants to grocery shelves to chef tastings. Recent adventures go […]


Falling in Love with Roy’s All Over Again

Retiring executive chef Gordon Hopkins and Justin Fields at what I call an officially delicious send-off. By now, most of you know I love Asian food. Dumplings, spare ribs, ahi tuna and poke make me shiver with joy. I am known to go on vacation destinations like Vancouver and Toronto and eat nothing but Asian […]


The Next Generation of Food Critics

The test kitchen at Girls Inc. People often ask me what the favorite part of my jobs is. After all, I do have a few hats that I wear, so to speak. I am a hospitality consultant, food critic, culinary travel editor, culinary director for television and a chef. Every day is different and I […]


Let’s Eat!

Tracy Freeman gets into Let’s Eat’s Tuscan chicken cakes. Let’s Eat! Seriously, Let’s Eat without any fuss, shopping or mess. Let’s Eat good, wholesome food that tastes restaurant quality for a quarter of the price. Let’s Eat Tuscan chicken cakes with fresh salsa and seafood cannelloni with creamy vodka sauce in the comfort of our […]


Food Coma

Here I sit, muffin top oozing, yet I know all too well what has caused my demise: food. But not just any food–miracles of tasteful joy. I can no longer help myself. I am in too deep. The lingering reminder that cabbage soup and cranberry sauce with Tabasco are all in my future makes me […]


Comings, Goings and a Sweet Surprise from Italy

Dolce Italia was my favorite treat this week. Scroll down for more. Well, it’s no surprise that First Street Chop House called it quits recently. After a rather odd email blaming the late rent on the parking meters and a snippy message at the end- the doors are closed. My personal opinion: Just couldn’t get […]


No Loss for Great New Tastes

The steak bento box at Saigon Hibachi is a winner.   Forgive me, fellow Asian-food-loving friends, for not scooping this find earlier. I first noticed the sign for Saigon Hibachi many months ago over at the Publix shopping plaza off North Beneva.  Since I am a diehard fan of Pho Cali, I almost felt like […]


Bring on the Muumuus

Send in the muumuus after this $10 deal. Libby’s Cafe + Bar‘s new summer menu may not be bikini-friendly, but I don’t care when the rich, flavorful, food raises the bar of lunch decadence. Libby’s has introduced its summer menu with a few new delicate and fresh selections (quinoa cakes and himachi rolls were lovely), […]