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Election Fever

New Drilling Bill Raises Alarm in Florida

If it passes, a new bill would allow for drilling in federal waters within 50 miles of Florida’s coastline.

08/03/2015 By Frank Alcock


How Will Redrawing Congressional Districts Affect the 2016 Election?

Our Election Fever blogger weighs in.

07/27/2015 By Frank Alcock


Donald Trump: Still Statesman of the Year?

The Donald Trump story has Sarasota implications.

07/09/2015 By Frank Alcock


Governor Rick Scott Makes Sudden, Widespread Vetoes

The $461 million in projects that Scott eliminated from the budget were aggressive by any standard.

06/29/2015 By Frank Alcock


Jeb Bush Announces Candidacy for President

Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for president on Monday--political blogger Frank Alcock weighs in.

06/18/2015 By Frank Alcock


Florida Legislature Begins Special Session to Resolve Budget Impasse

Today the Florida Legislature begins a special session that will hopefully resolve the budget impasse that has the state a month away from a government shutdown.

06/01/2015 By Frank Alcock


First Look: What to Expect in the 2016 Presidential Election

New College professor Frank Alcock on the political beat.

05/11/2015 By Frank Alcock