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Sarasota Real Estate: 1924 Lincoln Drive

This house just south of downtown (1924 Lincoln Drive) has been on the market for quite a while—several years, in fact—and I’ve never understood why. Could it be that there’s no pool? Or maybe it’s the fact that guests have to park on the street? Anyway, with a new realtor and a new price, maybe […]


Sarasota Real Estate: 3001 Goldenrod St.

Here’s the chance of a lifetime. Now you can actually live in a Real Estate Junkie house. Yes, a house I used to own has come on the market and I can personally attest to the fact that it’s a great place to live, at least since they remodeled it and got rid of the […]


Sarasota Real Estate: Taylor House

There’s a great little Paul Rudolph house on the market down in Venice. Whoops, it’s just been sold. No, wait—they need backup offers. Let’s just pray the deal falls through, because this one has an awful lot going for it, particularly location and price. It’s set on Venice Island, just a couple of blocks from […]


Sarasota Real Estate: Siesta Supersize

This enormous penthouse is the largest apartment on Siesta Key—a whopping 4,590 square feet—but what we love is the atmosphere of “Pillow Talk” glamour that pervades the place. This would be a fun property to renovate and update. Any decorator in town would kill to get his or her hands on this place. Just look […]


Sarasota Real Estate: Palmetto Condos

The place to look for luxury condo bargains these days is . . . Palmetto? Yes, thanks to the lingering recession and various bankruptcies, there are several complexes on the Manatee River up to the North that are amenity-rich and elegant, most with water views and priced as low as $199,000. Let’s take a quick […]


Sarasota Real Estate: 22 Seagull Lane

I hate to break it to you, Cindy Tibbetts: The truth is Lucille Ball never lived on the “site” of this house you’re selling on Bird Key. That’s the oldest, most disproven rumor in Sarasota. Nevertheless, there is it—as the headline of the advertising campaign, complete with a mini-movie, that is so over-the-top that I […]


3000 Casey Key Road

Beach view of three-acre parcel. I got pangs of nostalgia when I saw this property down on Casey Key—almost three acres of lawn, right on the beach and the bay, with several old Sears Roebucks cottages (one of which is still rented out—the owner is asking $5,000 a month). This is the way Casey Key […]


More Wrecks in Bradenton

If I seem to be focusing on old wrecks in downtown Bradenton, well, I’ve got a couple more. Please bear with me while I get this out of my system. 315 8th St. West First, at 315 8th St. West, there’s this American classic circa 1920, located right behind the post office. (There’s a similar […]


Sweet!: 1940 Alta Vista St.

1940 Alta Vista St. Sometimes houses are described in the real estate adds as “cute” or “sweet” or a “dollhouse,” which usually means “small.” Well, this one really is sweet. It’s a 1940s cottage in Avondale, the classic old neighborhood just south of Mound Street. Rumor has it that it was designed by Ralph Twitchell […]


Southern Gothic Charm: 1728 Ballard Park Drive

1728 Ballard Park Drive, Bradenton This 95-year-old Southern Gothic mini-mansion in Bradenton may be the most atmospheric home in the entire area. You could reenact entire Tennessee Williams plays right on the verandah without changing a thing. On gloomy days it exudes melancholy; when the sun comes out it’s like you’ve time-traveled back to the […]